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Strategic Organization Alignment

Our clients have come from the largest and smallest of global companies, from Start-Up to Fortune 500, representing an array of industries including biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, distribution, retail, financial services, and information technology.

Unique among executive coaches, Frank Lee Associates provides a broad range of coaching services that originate from our 30 years of in-the-field consulting.  We bring this depth and breadth of practical experience, the latest research, and proven tools and methodologies to all of our coaching engagements. We help clients develop the skills, tools and processes they need for "robust conversation" and to resolve the tough issues, all while builiding company cultures that facilitate both personal and organizational success.

  • Without a common vision, mission, set of aligned goals and company focus, organizations tend to operate as functional silos — well-meaning perhaps — but silos just the same. Our planning process builds a common company agenda and defines the roles necessary to achieve that agenda. We rigorously and comprehensively engage management at all levels to define both company priorities and the necessary cultural shifts required for success.

  • No person stands alone nor can one person do it all. Business is too complex — too fast-moving. A group by itself is not a team and a team “not well formed” will not reach its high-performance potential.

    • Build common goals and methods
    • Clarify roles and rules of engagement
    • Establish support mechanisms, form positive relationships, and build trust
    • Create a high-functioning team while getting actual work done
  • The ROI or “pay out” of strategies, initiatives, programs, and projects is directly impacted by the level of organizational alignment. FLA provides a framework and set of tools for assessing and improving alignment in companies, departments, and cross-functional teams.

    • Develop a clear sense of direction that everyone can see, own, and support
    • Build a strong foundation for optimizing organizational performance
    • Improve the capability to implement winning strategies and complete successful initiatives
    • Define and develop metrics and processes that drive results
    • Build a strong sense of employee identification, role appreciation, and motivation to contribute
  • Whether implementing new technology, entering new markets, reshaping the organization, or redefining core competencies, the human side of change directly impacts costs, performance, and execution.

    • Identify the scope of change at all levels
    • Understand how change impacts people
    • Build strategies that mitigate the impact of change
    • Maximize the return on investment of company initiatives
  • Solve people, interpersonal, or organizational issues. Transform yourself from a good manager into a great leader. Whether it’s adapting your style to existing circumstances, developing your level of personal mastery, building your team or organization, or critically thinking through business strategy, FLA provides the tools and support needed for success.

    We develop a coaching approach unique to you — your personality — and your circumstance, building upon your natural strengths and helping you to build on the strengths of others.

Frank Lee Associates has directly coached or trained over 4000 managers and executives.  We are not directors but facilitators, not touchy-feely counselors but pragmatic, real-time partners and problem solvers. We are structured, disciplined, and factual in our approach, all while being both humane and results-oriented.