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Assessments and Surveys

Learn how you are perceived and how you impact others through our Assessment Surveys about Leadership Effectiveness, Organizational Alignment, Team Member Effectiveness, Management Team Effectiveness, and Culture Change.

Our Effectiveness Assessment Surveys help you drive change in your company.

  • Our 360° Leadership Effectiveness survey includes 11 narrative questions (open-ended essay) and 61 item ratings in eight areas of management and leadership competency. The number and quality of our narrative questions are unique among leadership training companies and oftentimes provides the most useful and explicit insight to our participating program managers.

    Our survey helps managers understand how they are perceived, how they impact others, how they can increase their impact, and how their results compare with the 2700 peers in our database.  A follow-up survey is administered 8–10 months after the initial one, and provides a vehicle through which to measure improvement. Follow-up participants average an 11% improvement after ten months in any FLA leadership development program.

  • Our Organizaitonal Alignment survey solicits perceptions from all key organizational constituencies (internal and external) to identify what is missing, what doesn’t point toward the same future, or what is not reinforcing of the other organizational elements.

    This gap analysis, coupled with world class facilitation and consultation assists our clients in attacking the low-lying fruit while building common vision and critical mass for company change.

  • The Team Member Effectiveness survey can be used to:

    • Set expectations by prioritizing the items for your particular team;
    • Assess effectiveness of one or the full set of team members; and
    • Serve as a needs assessment for training and development.

    Typically used within our team building practice, this assessment tool provides the basis for peer coaching and development planning and may be followed up as a post-action assessment three to six months into the process.

  • Management Team Effectiveness is a survey of twenty management team best practices based on thirty years of comprehensive and in-depth work with enterprise management teams in all the stages of development.

    As with our leadership effectiveness and OA surveys, executive team members, their direct reporting subordinates, and company key contributors and constituencies rate the management team on the best practices. The subsequent report informs and facilitates the improvement of team effectiveness at the very top of the organization.

    A follow-up survey and report provides a quantitative means to measure improvement.
  • We find in thirty years of practice that crafting and communicating a vision of change is not enough. Change management requires the same, if not greater, investment of energy, resources and discipline for it to be successful.

    Measurement adds to that rigor and discipline while symbolically reinforcing the seriousness of the change initiative. At FLA, we measure the degree of culture change through our “from here, to there” change management assessments. These custom-crafted surveys measure the pace and effectiveness of the company’s change efforts. The results become the catalyst to finetune implementation, as well as institutionalize culture shifts.

FLA Slot Machine Theory ™

At Frank Lee Associates we use the analogy of a slot machine to explain organizational alignment. Like a slot machine, the more aligned the organizational components, the greater the payoff. It’s not only critical that the components be in place and aligned, but they must also position the company for the future. Only when all three conditions hold true, does an organization truly optimize it’s performance and “hit the jackpot.”

slot machine