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Executive Leadership Learning Programs

Developing world-class leadership and management capabilities requires an ongoing commitment to excellence. Like running a marathon, a great start does not always guarantee a great finish.  Because we’re committed to making a real and lasting impact, our programs do not begin and end with one seminar event.  Our programs include a seminar event as part of a six-month structured process to help managers apply what they learn at work, implement winning action plans, measure their progress, and plan for continued success.

Three Leadership Programs for Three Levels of Management:

  • A program for new managers

    LSMD puts special focus on the challenges faced by new managers and the issues related to managing individual contributors. Emphasis is placed on effective communication, staff supervision, and performance management.

    • Three-day seminar with a maximum of 12:1 participant/facilitator ratio
    • Communication and management effectiveness assessments
    • Two (2) follow-up learning-team coaching sessions* with an FLA facilitator-coach
  • A program for experienced managers

    LSME puts special emphasis on the challenges faced by managers who lead other managers. It provides a firm look at current leadership style and helps managers unlearn less-effective behaviors.Three-day seminar with a maximum of 7:1 participant/facilitator ratio

    • Comprehensive 360o survey
    • Leadership Effectiveness Report (LER)
    • Two (2) follow-up learning-team coaching sessions* with an FLA facilitator-coach
    • One (1) follow-up one-on-one coaching session*
    • Follow-up 360o survey
  • A program for executive managers and officers

    LSOE focuses on how to more effectively lead and impact the culture and performance of and organization. Leverage strengths and unlearn behavioral habits that inhibit leadership effectiveness.

    • Three-day seminar with a maximum of 6:1 participant/facilitator ratio
    • Comprehensive 360o survey
    • Leadership Effectiveness Report (LER)
    • Two (2) follow-up learning-team coaching sessions* with an FLA facilitator-coach
    • One scheduled (1) follow-up one-on-one coaching session*
    • One “use when needed” one-on-one coaching session*
    • Follow-up 360o survey

How our Leadership Programs work

A multi-day Seminar - The Great Start

Become a more effective leader in a supportive, interactive, learn-by-doing environment where you receive individualized coaching, practice new skills, and leave with a rigorous actionable plan to get you to the next level of success.

  • Know how others perceive you as a leader and how you impact others at work
  • Leverage your natural strengths and manage your natural blind spots
  • Maximize your leadership effectiveness with your current team
  • Improve your ability to understand, influence and motivate others
  • Improve your ability to coach and develop a team


Our comprehensive 360 leadership effectiveness survey include 11 narrative questions and 61 items in eight areas of leadership-managerial competencies. The depth and quality of our narrative questions are unique among industry assessments and provide the most useful personal insights as well as actionable advice.

The 360 Leadership Effectiveness Report (360 LER) helps managers to understand how they are perceived, the leadership impact they have on others, how their results compare with industry peers, and how they can strategically improve their impact / realize their leadership potential.

With Six Months of Change Support and Coaching - The Winning Finish

Each program includes six months of tele-coaching after the seminar event to help managers apply their newly gained skills, tools, and insights on the job and with their teams.

The tele-coaching includes a post-program 360 assessment to measure results.


Implement a world-class leadership development program that meets the needs, timing, logistical and budgetary requirements of the company. By customizing our three most popular programs to the people and location of your choice.

Customization may include (but is not limited to):

  • Communication that supports company initiative and culture
  • Coaching of your executive presenters
  • Action learning modules that seek to resolve company issues or leverage strategic opportunities
  • Frank Lee Associates or third party assessments for use in the program

Schedule Options

Multiple formats are available including:

  • One three-day session
  • Two two-day sessions, one week to six-months apart
  • A series of one-day sessions, one-week to one month apar

World Class Facilitator-Coaches

FLA facilitator-coaches have on average over twenty years of experience helping industry leaders understand and successfully resolve business, organization, and people issues. They are deep in expertise yet grounded in the practical realities of positively impacting organizations. Whether working with a CEO or first-level manager, they easily understand the issues at hand, skillfully bring the appropriate tools and conceptual frameworks to bear, and facilitate breakthrough strategies and break- through actions that help achieve high performance.

We guarantee: If our programs are not among the best leadership courses you’ve ever attended, we will refund your tuition!