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Conference Facilitation & Keynote Speaking

Let Frank Lee Associates plan, facilitate and speak at your company meetings.

conferenceWhether a group of forty or four hundred, Frank Lee Associates offers a comprehensive range of meeting services to meet the unique requirements and objectives of your event or activity. As an outside third party, we bring a unique and objective perspective to the proceedings, ensuring participant engagement and responsiveness.

Our proven approach creates highly engaging and productive management meetings that build the necessary dialogue, commitment, and critical mass to ensure success of company initiatives and strategies.

We can accommodate a wide range of meeting requirements, from setting goals, crafting key messages, coaching speakers, coordinating logistics, facilitating the dialogue and resulting action plan, to distributing the meeting notes and following-up implementation.

Organizational Development Keynote Speaking

Frank Lee has worked with a broad spectrum of organizations, and personally coached over eighty CEO’s from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across multiple industries and across the globe.  His innovative learning and participative methodology have rendered him a consistently sought-after facilitator-coach and keynote speaker. His insight and observations about business, organization, and people in business are highly sought after at annual company management and industry meetings.

Popular Keynote Topics

  • Leadership Style—How to Get it, Where It Comes From
  • Organization Alignment—The Slot Machine Theory of Effective Organizations
  • Aligning Culture with Strategy—How Culture Can Become an Obstacle to Necessary Change
  • The Executive Team—Better With or Without One?
  • The Executive Team—When One Person Can’t Do It All
  • The Enneagram Leader—How the Boss Imprints the Organization for Better or Worse
  • Managing the Executive Team—What! Supervise My Executives?
  • Organizational Leadership—Hairballs and Other Paradigms
  • What if the Boss is the Jerk?!
  • The Transnational Organization
  • Traditional Management Development—Rounding Off Rough Edges until People are Spinning
  • Leadership Dilemmas in China for Western Managers