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Partner with us and become a certified leadership training coach!

We believe that the value of a 360° feedback mechanism (leadership feedback from supervisors, peers, and direct reporting subordinates) is determined by both the quality of the feedback (easy-to-discern themes, and clear walk-away messages) and the process through which it is communicated and utilized.

As a certified Frank Lee Coach, you will learn to:

  • Interpret the data in a way that gleans the core messages in terms of strengths, challenges and overall leadership effectiveness
  • Provide comparisons with management peers, and context from leadership studies and research
  • Establish a relationship of trusted adviser and confidant, looking out for the best interest of the manager
  • Compassionately and effectively provide your interpretation of the data
  • Jointly determine objectives that will leverage the identified strengths while addressing areas for development/growth
  • Brainstorm ideas and develop get-to-the-next level strategies
  • Develop an actionable plan with success metrics, milestones
  • Develop a coaching contract that provides continuing support to achieve the participating Manager’s goals

We will share the secrets of our coaching success (over twenty years each), mentor you in the application of specific coaching skills and competencies, and be a sounding board for your analysis and coaching strategies.

Two levels of certification

  • Gold – Report comprehension, competency development, supervised practice and up to fifty 360° reports ($12,500.00)
  • Platinum – Certification to conduct our signature Leadership Style & Managerial Effectiveness (LSME) seminar to support your 360° coaching practice, with presentation materials and participant materials for fifty participants, in addition to the above coaching ($25, 000.00)