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Wednesday, 06 May 2020 14:03

Invest In Your People Now!

Some say that what you do in times of stress and duress, says tons about what you value and stand for as an enterprise. That's why I am always amazed and often disappointed when I see companies cut training and development budgets during difficult business conditions (or even worse, in good economic times, when its not deemed a necessity nor a "competitive advantage", only to scramble like crazy to invest in people when the "war for talent" inevitably returns!).

These are indeed, trying, unprecedented, and unpredictable times. Who knows how long this pandemic will last, and what the "new normal" will look like, let alone when it will arrive.

What we do know, is that what people see / perceive of your actions as company leaders, is formed during times like these - what people remember (etched in their memories) and attribute to your values and company culture are your actions, inactions, and perceived integrity in walking your talk in these times and days. Its what people will talk about going forward as stories about you and your company culture.

Values and culture result from what leaders do, in good, bad, and regular times. What stands out, and has outsized influence on those perceptions and memories, are the behaviors you do now during the Coronavirus pandemic. Doing the right long term things for both the business and the people will serve both well.

Empathy, compassion, honesty, vulnerability all speak to caring about people as well as your humanity. Let these speak loudly and consistently in today's times.