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Reading the different approaches that states, counties, and countries are taking to the Coronavirus epidemic, makes me think about the fundamental differences in circumstance, history, culture, values, and behavioral norms from place to place (among a multitude of other variables!)

Central to these differences is the difference in attitude and history of individual responsibility and governmental and / or community responsibility. It's not surprising that totalitarian regimes can dictate rules for the masses and that the masses follow, or that countries with a history / emphasis on individual responsibility are more reluctant to dictate country-wide solutions or measures, such as shelter-at-home or social distancing.

The universal answer of course, is we need some measure of both individual responsibility and community controls are required, with accompanying accountability and / or enforcement.

Also universal is the tendency to judge by one's own standards, history, and experience. This is what gets us in arguments and trouble with one another. If we assume the other's logic and assumptions, we would probably conclude the same decisions and judgments (and be in agreement!).

What compounds the situation is when: 1) we have a dictator in a democratic society, 2) who doesn't dictate or decide when necessary, or 3) frequently changes his mind, 4) refuses to accept the facts and makes up his own, and 5) is without either principle or clear vision.

We gotta get out of this place, if its the last thing we ever do (so they sang about a different time and place)!