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Thursday, 04 September 2014 10:36

Leadership Lessons from politics: What Not to Do

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As awful as war is and the current conditions around the world, there are ample lessons to be learned (and NOT) as to how world events are responded to:

ANTICIPATION: we all know that in every endeavor where there are multiple parties some known and some unknown), leaders need to be able to "look around the corner', see over the horizon, play out "what if's" to ready a response that aligns with one's vision and one's principles in a manner that leads to furtherance of one's goals and aspirations. A bad response to a predictable situation is "we don't have a strategy as yet"!

ALIGNING TACTICS WITH STRATEGY AND PRINCIPLES: clearly all things can not be predicted, especially in a world so turbulent as today's world, and that some things require immediate comment if not action. Yet having principles, standing for somethings consistently over time, allows one to react in the moment or speak in the moment - if not what will be done, but at least what principles we stand for that have been violated (which are then followed up with consistency in actions). This alignment allows us to be consistent, stand for things, be proud of what we stand for and how we hold ourselves accountable to those very things. Moreover, it provides our friends as well as enemies as well as those in between or those who go back and forth to anticipate our actions because we are CREDIBLE.

ACTIONS SPEAKING LOUDER THAN WORDS: please please please don't tell me again that "all options are on the table", or that "we are going to convene a meeting". These "meetings" should have been convened already (please see ANTICIPATION above).

SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE, UNDERSTAND THEIR PHILOSOPHY/WORLD VIEW: when they say "mother of all _______", don't take it literally or take it how we would mean it if we said it that way in our culture. Likewise, don't be preoccupied with individual responsibility or cupability just because we are preoccupied with it in our culture or our philosophy.

SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE: as they say, there is no "I" in "team"; when we leave the room, we send one message, we are convicted through robust conversation and due diligence, and principles, and, and, and to speak consistently about the matter no matter who is speaking in front of a multitude of microphones and cameras at the moment.

IN THE END ITS THE RESULTS THAT MATTER: No amount of blah blah blah, especially inconsistent, incoherent, unprincipled blah blah blah, winging it, reactive blah blah blah will win the day. What will win the day are the results, which are consistent over time, that fit the situation, that further our principles and what we stand for and our vision of the future.

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