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Frank Lee Associates has been providing practical and effective tools for building and fostering leadership excellence to companies from Startup to Fortune 500 since 1972.

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Gwen Hanna

Gwen Hanna has worked in the field of human resources management for over 22 years, with significant focus in the past 12-plus years in organizational development and management consulting in international environments.

Fluent in both Japanese language and culture, Gwen currently spends a lot of her time consulting with Apple Computer, Inc., as the training and development leader for Apple’s nationwide retail stores expansion across Japan. Prior to that, Gwen was Vice President of People at Homebid.com, Gwen was responsible for all aspects of human resource management including design, development and implementation of executive coaching processes, performance management systems, compensation and benefit plans, leadership and employee training and development programs, HR policies, and facilities/office management. Her most significant contribution to Homebid.com was serving as the internal champion responsible for influencing and driving organizational initiatives dealing with company culture transformation and organizational development initiatives that resulted from business model and strategy changes.

Gwen has worked as an internal human resources professional or as an external organizational management consultant for various companies — ranging in size from start-up to large scale corporations — and has done extensive leadership development and organizational and cultural transformation work in international locations throughout Europe and Asia, with extensive focus in Japan and other Asia Pacific regions. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Public Administration from San Jose State University, is a faculty member for the E-Commerce Certification Program at San Jose State University, has an SPHR certification from the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), and is certified to deliver programs and instruments from organizations such as Blessing White, MBTI, Zenger Miller, and PDI.