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  • Leadership Effectiveness Programs

    Take your enterprise to the next level.
  • Measured Success

    Real tools on your way to effectiveness.
  • Strategic & Organizational Alignment

    Walk away with a plan.

Use our Experience to your Advantage

Frank Lee Associates has been providing practical and effective tools for building and fostering leadership excellence to companies from Startup to Fortune 500 since 1972.

One size fits one

From strategic planning to organization alignment to one-on-one coaching and executive team building, our breadth and depth of experience and services all aim to create a customized actionable plan for you.

Our results speak for themselves

Hundreds of companies have benefitted from our unique learning approach that consistently delivers measured and proven success.

Leadership Programs that work!

Leadership that worksAt Frank Lee Associates, we believe that success is truly the result of motivated people working together collaboratively with a common vision and shared mission. This collaboration and this alignment rests heavily on the quality of leadership in the organization.

Whether it’s starting an enterprise, turning one around, or taking one to the next level, the most profound and fundamental key to success is the advancement of leadership capability.

We combine 40 years of experience with cutting- edge advancements in leadership and management science to provide first-class Leadership Consulting Services, and have consistently delivered real results for individual managers, teams, and organizations.


Executive Leadership Learning Programs

Become more aware of your leadership strengths and weaknesses, learn and practice new skills, fulfill new requirements, receive individualized coaching, and create a six month actionable plan that is supported by six months of follow up coaching and consulting to ensure lasting results.

All Frank Lee Associates’ programs utilize highly participative learn-by-doing designs that keep participants engaged throughout the activity. We help managers to not only learn new skills and attitudes, but to also “unlearn” skills and habits that no longer serve one’s current or future requirements to get to the next level of success.

It is our ability to design and deliver these individualized, coaching-intensive, learn-by-doing programs that set us apart from our industry peers.

Thousands of managers, directors, and company officers from hundreds of organizations large and small have benefitted from these deep learning, often times life-changing experiences. Our coaching and consulting to over 100 CEO’s and their executive teams inform us of the issues they face on a very pragmatic level.

We offer customized versions of our established public programs for in-company learning programs that address your specific company requirements.


Strategic Organization Alignment

Jumpstart the development of your team, create a strategic plan with buy-in across the organization, align the organization to optimize and synchronize performance. We help teams and organizations maximize effectiveness, implement successful initiatives, and beat the competition.


Assessments and Surveys

Measure and close gaps through our leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness, and organizational alignment assessment surveys.


Conference Design, Facilitation, & Keynote Speaking

Whether a meeting of forty or four hundred, annual, quarterly or ad hoc, Frank Lee Associates offers thirty years of experience in designing, presenting, and facilitating engaging sales and management meetings and conferences that meet your needs.

Frank’s insights and expertise in strategy, organizational alignment and leadership effectiveness, team and culture building make him a highly sought after speaker at company and industry meetings.